Abel Ranzaad (Japanese: アベル=ランザード Romaji: aberu ranzādo) is a Slayers character who appears in the novel Vezendi's Shadow and in both the Slayers EVOLUTION-R anime and manga (mentioned only the latter).

Abel is the son of Radok Ranzaad, a wealthy merchant who lives in the city of Vezendi. Radok leads a double-life as the assassin Zuuma. Though Radok attempts to hide his activities from Abel, he has long been aware of his father's secret identity. When Radok hires Lina Inverse to be his bodyguard with the intent of killing her, Abel acts deliberately nasty towards her in the hopes of driving her away, and saving her life.

Abel's fate varies depending on the media. In both the anime and novel, Abel interrupts a battle between Zuuma and Lina to reveal that he knows Zuuma is his father and begs him to cease fighting. In the anime version, Zuuma strikes down and kills Abel. In the novel version, however, Abel's words have an effect on Zuuma, who hesitates and is slain later by Lina's Ragna Blade. Abel doesn't appear in the manga version but he is mentioned once: here both Abel and his mother were abducted and killed long before the events of the novel or the anime, and that was what led his father to became the assassin.

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