Albert von Stargazer

Albert von Stargazer (Japanese: アルバート・ヴァン・スターゲイザー Rōmaji: arubāto vuan sutāgeizā) was the leader of the Nightmare syndicate.

As a child, he discovered Dark Star Dugradigdu, a powerful fear-feeding Lost Ship, and it influenced his mind. His sister, Alicia shon Stargazer, discovered the Swordbreaker, a Lost Ship opposed to Dugradigdu.

Albert von Stargazer became the leader of the Nightmare syndicate (and its Gazer Concern) and was sometimes known simply as Nightmare.

He created a clone of himself, Yami, which actually embodied Dugradigdu's consciousness.

Stargazer was betrayed and killed by Yami, who took over Nightmare for himself.


Albert von Stargazer is the grandfather of Millie. She dropped her family name and fought against him.

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