Alfred Saillune

Alfred Saillune (Japanese: アルフレッド Romaji: arufureddo) is a member of the Saillune royal family. This is probably not his full name, as his middle name, which the members of the royal family usually have, is currently unknown. He is the son of Christopher Wil Brogg Saillune, who is the younger brother of the Crown Prince Philionel El Di Saillune. He is voiced by Hiro Yūki in the original Japanese version and by Steven Hickox (who also voices his father in the dub) in the English version.

Alfred's father had always been jealous of the fact that it was Philionel and not him who was the crown prince. Every time Alfred came to his father for advice, Christopher would usually just complain about his own circumstances. Not surprisingly, this resentment rubbed off on Alfred. Unlike his father, however, Alfred chose to act on his resentment, and begin a plot to seize the throne.

In the anime, Alfred made a contract with the mazoku Kanzel and Mazenda, who helped him to try and assassinate Prince Philionel. Eventually Alfred's plot was uncovered by Lina Inverse, and he was killed by Mazenda not long afterwards, as she said the contract he made was with Kanzel, not her.

In the novels, things were roughly the same plot-wise, but with a couple differences. Firstly, Alfred only worked with Kanzel; Mazenda didn't appear until the next novel, which had a different plot altogether. And secondly, it was Alfred's own father who killed him, not Mazenda.


  • Strangely, when Alfred first appears in episode 8 of Slayers Next, in the dubbed anime, he is mistakenly referred to as being Amelia's uncle. In subsequent episodes, he is referred to by his correct relationship, that of Amelia's cousin.


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