Alicia portrait

Alicia shon Stargazer (Japanese: アリシア・ツォン・スターゲイザー Rōmaji: arishia tsuon sutāgeizā), later Maria Blueriver (Japanese: マリア・ブルーリバー Rōmaji: maria burūribā), is the sister of Albert von Stargazer and the grandmother of Kain Blueriver.

As a child, she discovered the Swordbreaker while her brother discovered Dark Star Dugradigdu, both of which were Lost Ships. Albert used his ship to found a crime syndicate, Nightmare.

The two came into conflict. Ten years before the anime, the Spreader of Darkness, captaining Gorun Nova, confronted Alicia shon Stargazer in Swordbreaker. She used the latter's Psi Code Final to defeat Gorun Nova, but at the cost of her own life. The Spreader of Darkness was put into stasis for ten years (87016 hours) in order to heal. This left her grandson Kain with a grudge against Nightmare.

In the manga, Alicia Stargazer left a legacy in the form of Anise, her clone. On occasion, Anise would express Alicia Stargazer's memories.

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