Translated by sherrasama

With such a friendly face
Don't look at me, my heart starts to stir.
On that faraway day,
I regret myself who loved you so much
If we had had more courage now,
We might be in a different relationship...

※I wanted to see you, so I struggled to find my way, but
the girl next to you is...
Guiltlessly, you exchange an innocent smile
You were unaware it broke my heart.

Moreso than when we couldn't meet,
Tonight I am lonely, alone I gaze at the moon
And recite an intense spell.
If I could go back to that day, I wouldn't need anything else.
Rather, if I could hate the reflection of you two
it might be still wouldn't know anything.

"I love you" since the moment we first met,
Not saying it leaves a pain in my chest.
These feelings, you won't ever notice them,
and you will find other dreams.


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