"Astral Vine!"

Astral Vine (魔皇霊斬(アストラル・ヴァイン) asutoraru vain?, kanji: lit. "Demon Emperor Soul Kill") is a supportive astral shamanistic spell[1]. Some believe that it was developed by Zelgadiss Graywords, but this was disproved in the sixth novel: Lina Inverse already knew of it when Zelgadiss first used it in her presence. In the ninth novel, Lina states that Astral Vine was developed long ago by a sorcerer who managed to reverse-engineer the spell out of a sword he found.[2]

This spell temporarily gives a mundane weapon magical properties, allowing it to harm beings such as mazoku or deflect minor spells. When it is cast, the target weapon's blade or tip is enveloped in a faint crimson glow. The caster does not need to concentrate to maintain the spell, and the enchantment does not end when the weapon leaves the caster's hands, so a sorcerer can use Astral Vine to boost the offensive capability of the entire party. In the 15th novel it was shown that the spell is even capable of enchanting part of the ground below the caster's feet, causing offensive earth spells, otherwise unable to harm mazoku, to become usable against them if their effects are drawn from the target area.[3]





towa to mugen wo tayutaishi
subete no kokoro no minamoto yo
ware ni shitagai chikara to nare



In other languagesEdit

  • Vaina Astral (Spanish, lit. Astral Scabbard)
  • Vacío Astral (Spanish, lit. Astral Hollow)


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  2. The Cursed Sword of Bezeld, Chapter 2

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