Atlas City (Japanese: アトラス・シティ Romaji: atorasu shiti) is a large city in the Empire of Lyzelle. It is very close to the coast of the Demon Sea, and a short distance south-east of Sairaag.

Atlas City is ruled by Duke Rithaln. The local currency is the leeb, worth 1/10 of a gold piece.

Atlas City is home to a Sorcerer's Guild, which was previously led by Halcyform the White. Following Halcyform's mysterious disappearance, infighting began between his two potential successors, Daymia the Blue and Tarim the Violet, with negative results for the city as a whole. By the end of the events of the second Slayers novel, Halcyform and Tarim are dead, while Daymia is suffering from the black magic curse Raugnut Rushavna, so it is unclear who will assume leadership of the local Sorcerer's Guild.


  • In the manga and novels, Lina and Gourry make it to Atlas City after defeating Shabranigdu but before fighting Copy Rezo, while in the anime they arrive in the first part of the second season (Slayers NEXT), having already defeated the copy at the end of the first season. In the second novel and the anime, they meet Tarim and Daymia in the city and later confront Halcyform. In the fifth volume of the manga, however, they meet Amelia in Altas City instead and then leave rather quickly, having learned of the bounty that Copy Rezo had put on their heads.

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