Auntie Aqua

Auntie Aqua (Japanese: アクアばあちゃん Romaji: akua baachan, which actually means "granny") is a short, old-looking woman who is nothing but an illusion created by the Claire Bible's power.

She is the only caretaker of the complete manuscript of the limitless knowledge of the Claire Bible found in the Temple of Sand, where she first met Lina Inverse and the Slayers. She agrees to guide them to information they need to help them defeat Chaos Dragon Garv. At night, she leads Lina to a tablet that reveals the true nature of the Giga Slave, encouraging her to never use that spell again.

At that point, they are attacked by Seigram and Garv. In the ensuing battle, Auntie Aqua calls upon her true power to protect the Slayers and transport them to safety. In doing so, reveals her true identity; she is actually all that is left of the remaining thoughts of Aqualord Ragradia after his death in the Kōma War.

She later appeared at Dragon's Peak, where she also guarded the original Claire Bible. There, she once again protected Lina and Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova from a second attack from Garv. It is unknown whether she survived the battle.

Auntie Aqua 02

Auntie Aqua reveals her true power against Garv's attack.



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