Balus Rod (Japanese: 破砕鞭バルス・ロッド, Kanji translation: Rend Smash Whip, Romaji: barusu roddo) is an offensive black magic[1] spell.

Slayers - Balus Rod00:15

Slayers - Balus Rod

It makes a whip of light appear in the caster's palm which can be used to attack. Unlike spells which are shot like projectiles, the movement of the whip can be more tightly controlled by the caster, improving the chances of hitting the target. The primary weakness of the spell is its short range.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)


  • In episode 11 of the first season, Lina uses the Balus Rod, and she appears wearing a mask and shouting "Call me queen, call me queen!". This could either be a reference to the Sorcerer Hunters (Bakuretsu Hunters) character Tira Misu, also voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, and/or to the Battle Arena Toshinden video game on Playstation in which the whip-wielding character Sofia had a special attack called "Call Me Queen."

In other languagesEdit

  • Látigo de Luz (Spanish, lit. Whip of Light)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 229

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