Blam Blazer (Japanese: 青魔烈弾波ブラム・ブレイザー, Kanji translation: Blue Demon Violent Bullet Waves, Romaji: buramu bureizā) is an offensive astral shamanistic spell[1].

Like most offensive astral magic, this spell manifests itself as a blue beam which heads towards the intended target. Blam Blazer has some unique qualities, however: unlike most astral spells, it can harm the target physically as well as mentally, and unlike most spells in general, it does not "explode" on contact. Instead, it reaches into the target harmlessly before dealing physical and astral damage to their insides; this makes Blam Blazer a lot more lethal compared to similar incantations of the same caliber.[2] If the shot strikes true, there is a even a chance that the beam might pierce through the target and also harm those who stand behind it.





towa to mugen wo tayutaishi
subete no kokoro no minamoto yo
waga te ni tsudoite senkou to nare
shin'ren naru yami wo uchiharae


In other languagesEdit

  • Blue Magic Wave (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Ragna Flare (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Rayo Cegador (Spanish, lit. Blinding Ray)
  • Rayo de Luz (Spanish, lit. Light Ray)
  • Rayo Helado (Spanish, lit. Frozen Ray)


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  2. Slayers Vol. 11: Crimson Delusion, page 142

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