Blast Ash (Japanese: 黒妖陣ブラスト・アッシュ, Kanji translation: Black Bewitching Ranks, Romaji: burasuto asshu) is a offensive black magic[1] spell.

The caster makes a black void appear in a certain area, and anything alive or possessing an astral body is turned into ash. Inanimate objects such as the ground, buildings, and equipment are not affected; the spell has an effect of a relatively large area, making this one of the few black magic spells which can be used in cramped alleys and town squares.

Unlike some other spells, Blast Ash can be cast at a place which the sorcerer cannot see at that moment, such as behind his/her back. The only requirement seems to be that the caster must be able to visualize the target spot in sufficient detail for the incantation to work.[2]

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)

Slayers Next - Blast Ash00:06

Slayers Next - Blast Ash





yami yo
tsudoite waga ni shitagai shin'en to nari
waga mae ni aru teki wo ute


Oh Darkness,
Bring me the abyss
Destroy the enemy before me.


Examples of UsageEdit

In other languagesEdit

  • Black Occult Field (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Cenizas Cegadoras (Spanish, lit. Blinding Ashes)
  • Poder de las Cenizas (Spanish, lit. Ashes Power)


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  2. Novel 10, chapter 4

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