Blessed Blade

The Blessed Blade

The Blessed Blade or Bless Blade (Japanese: 祝福の剣ブレス・ブレード Romaji: buresu burēdo) is a magical sword that was discovered within the Holy Tree Flagoon. The origin of the sword is unknown; it may have been left there by the Swordsman of Light, or created by the tree itself.

The Blessed Blade has the effect of amplifying the user's will, allowing them to harm mazoku. It has a strong connection to Flagoon; when Copy Rezo damaged the tree, the Blessed Blade cracked as well.

The Blessed Blade used to be on display at a shrine in Sairaag, but Sylphiel Nels Lahda stole it as a prank when she was young. Seeing the reactions of the elders, she was then too afraid to confess to the crime and return it. She hid the sword in the caverns around Flagoon's roots, where it remained for many years. Sylphiel later retrieved the sword so that Lina could use it against Copy Rezo.

The sword is presumed to have broken when Flagoon was destroyed.

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