Bodigar (Japanese: 破神槌 Romaji: bōdigā; unofficially called the Axe of Light) is one of the weapons created by Dark Star Dugradigdu. It resembles an axe, with the light energy emanating like the blade. In the final battle with Dark Star, Sirius used this weapon.



Bodigar concept art.

In Slayers TRY, Bodigar is one of the five weapons of light created by the ma-ō Dark Star; in the Slayers world, it takes the form of an axe with a blade of light.

It is unknown how Bodigar came to the Slayers world. At some point, it and Nezard came into the possession of Sirius and Erulogos, servants of Night Dragon Vorfeed, Dark Star's shinzoku counterpart. They, along with Almayce, hoped to use the five weapons to summon Dark Star to the Slayers world so they could defeat him there. However, in approximately 1013 AK(?), Valgarv attempted to summon Dark Star with just two of the five weapons (Gorun Nova and Ragudo Mezegis). Before Dark Star could fully emerge, however, Sirius and Erulogos appeared and used their weapons to close the gateway to Dark Star's world. [1] Bodigar stayed on its pedestals at the gateway until Dark Star was finally summoned to the Slayers world.

Erulogos (and after his death, Sirius) then used the weapon, along the other four weapons wielded by Lina Inverse and her companions, to defeat Dark Star and Valgarv. Sirius then took Bodigar along with the other weapons back to his world.[2]

Lost UniverseEdit

Although it has not appeared in any Lost Universe medium as of yet, Bodigar is presumably a Lost Ship subordinate to the Lost Ship Dark Star Dugradigdu, and therefore would probably have many of the same properties as the other Lost Ships (e.g.: its engine feeds on the mental energy of its pilot).

At the end of episode 26 of the anime, Rail Claymore hints that although Nightmare and Dark Star are (apparently) gone, there are still at least two more of the Lost Ships out there; these are most likely Bodigar and Galveira, as they are they only two Lost Ships that did not make an appearance. Furthermore, there were plans to create a second series of the anime (though it was canceled due to lack of funding). It can be assumed that Bodigar and Galveira would have appeared in that series.

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