Bomb Sprid (Japanese: 破弾撃ボム・スプリッド, Kanji translation: Rend Bullet Defeat, Romaji: bomu supuriddo) is an offensive spell belonging to fire shamanistic magic[1].

The spell is similar to Fireball in many aspects, but it is less powerful and dangerous, and also easier to control. The ball of flame can explode at any time when the caster wishes, not just when it hits something. (This can also be done with Fireball, but only when using a special variant of it.) Bomb Sprid does not release significant amounts of heat, so the caster does not need to worry about starting a fire unintentionally.


In other languagesEdit

  • Bomb Spread (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Bomba Explosiva (Spanish, lit. Explosive Bomb)
  • Bomba de Ruptura (Spanish, lit. Break Bomb)
  • Multibomba (Spanish, lit. Multi-Bomb)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 232

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