Boost (Japanese: 増幅ブースト, Kanji translation: Increase Width, Romaji: būsuto) is a spell that activates the Demon's Blood Talismans. It is chanted before the user casts another spell, and upon successful completition, it increases the user's bucket capacity by up to four or five times. Upon casting, the user must move his or her hands to make the shape of a cross with the four talismans.





shikai no yami o suberu ō
nanji no kakera no enishi ni shitagai
nanjira subete no chikara mote
ware ni saranaru chikara o atae yo


Lords of the Darkness and all Four Worlds,
Following thy bonds of fate;
Merge all thy power,
Grant unto me greater power!

Software Sculptors translation:
Lords of the Darkness of the Four Worlds
On thy bonds I do swear
Grant me all the power that you possess!

English dub translation:
Lord of Darkness of the Four Worlds
I call upon you
Grant me all the power that you possess!


In other languagesEdit

  • Moltiplicazione dei poteri (Italian, lit. Power Multiplication)
  • Amplificador de los poderes mágicos (Spanish, lit. Magic Power Amplification)

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