Brass demons (Japanese: ブラス・デーモン Romaji: burasu dēmon) are a type of demons who might be distantly related to the mazoku, the lesser demons in particular. While the lesser demons' bodies are determined by the nature of the object they are possessing, brass demons are strong enough to have a standardized form. They appear as large humanoids with armored skin, horns, and two wings. (Following the resurrection of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu in the final novel, they begin to display four wings instead). They are capable of flight and of casting the spell Flare Arrow. They might also be able to use other low-level spells, though this has not been seen.

Similarly to lesser demons, brass demons can be destroyed by both physical and astral attacks. They possess thick hides capable of blocking swords and physical shamanistic magic, so are most easily defeated by black magic or astral shamanistic magic.

Brass demons make several appearances in the anime and novels. In episode 11 of the first season, Philionel El Di Saillune is able to defeat one with his bare hands. In episodes 22 and 23 of Slayers NEXT, they are among the minions employed by Hellmaster Fibrizo to prevent the heroes from escaping. Because they are easily summoned, they are frequently used as disposable henchmen in various other unconnected battles.

The spell Gaia Graze summons a brass demon that will obey the commands of its summoner.

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