Burst Flare (裂火球(バースト・フレア) bāsuto furea?, kanji: lit. "Rend Fire Ball") is the strongest fire shamanistic spell[1] castable by a human without amplifying her bucket capacity.

A ball of light appears in the targeted area, and in the next instant the ball bursts, raising a tongue of blue-white flame. The flames can melt even a golem made of metal with ease. Against a human, not even the bones will remain. This spell can have a very large blast radius, unless the caster explicitly focuses on keeping its destructive power in check. Burst Flare can be used to counter its ice counterpart, Vice Freeze; if the two spells collide, they vanish with a loud explosion, leaving thick fog behind.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)





subete no chikara no minamoto yo
kagayaki moeru akaki honoo yo
waga te ni tsudoite rengoku to nare


Source of all power,
crimson fire burning bright,
gather in my hand and become an inferno.
Burst Flare!


Examples of UseEdit


In other languagesEdit

  • Explosión de Llamas (Spanish, lit. Flame Explosion)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 228

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