Burst Rondo (Japanese: 爆煙舞バースト・ロンド, Kanji translation: Bomb Smoke Dance, Romaji: bāsuto rondo) is a simple fire shamanistic spell[1].

The spell creates numerous balls of light near a target which burst, spreading flames. Burst Rondo is visually impressive not to mention loud, but the damage from the spell is negligible. Even a direct hit will only cause burns, making this a good spell to use as a diversion or to frighten enemies.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)





honoo ni moeru seirei-tachi yo
ware ni shitagai chikara to nare


In other languagesEdit

  • Rayo Eléctrico (Spanish, lit. Electric Ray)
  • Bomba de Humo Giratorio (Spanish, lit. Spinning Smoke Bomb)
  • Ráfaga de Fuego (Spanish, lit. Flare Burst)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 228

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