Canal Vorfeed

Canal Vorfeed (Japanese: キャナル・ヴォルフィード Rōmaji: Kyanaru vuorufīdo) is the holographic computer system of the Swordbreaker and a main character of Lost Universe. She is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara in the original Japanese version, and by Jessica Schwartz in English.

Canal used to be nothing more than the combat support computer of the Swordbreaker, with little will of her own. Over time evolved to be independent and self-aware. She described the situation as "Vorfeed is Vorfeed. Canal is Canal" and said of the Swordbreaker's computer that "you used to be me." She has an undefined connection to Night Dragon Vorfeed.

Canal tends to think logically, but is also obsessed with acquiring money to spend on more expensive weapons systems, growing bonsai plants, and keeping her ship clean.

Canal has near-full control over the Swordbreaker, including life support systems (air, gravity, etc), which she has occasionally used to display displeasure with Kain Blueriver. She isn't a very good shot with her weapons and generally needs human assistance for the Sword Breaker to fight at full effectiveness.

Canal manifests herself as a holographic projection, and can be projected to a nearby planet from the ship. She can travel even longer distances with communication equipment support. Canal's holographic body can interact with the environment or become intangible at will. This ability can be disrupted by radiation or energy nets, however. She can even project additional holograms (such as cockroaches) to distract opponents in combat.

Canal can control electronic systems (often by talking to computers), project electricity at short range and can even cause electronic devices such as communicators to overload.

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