Carly (Japanese: カーリー Rōmaji: kārī), sometimes known as Kali, was an assassin who worked for the Nightmare Syndicate. She used a "light whip" as a weapon.

She developed an obsession with defeating Kain Blueriver, in part because she was secretly in love with her boss Yami and intended to follow his difficult instructions to get closer to him. Yami was aware of this and generally ignored her, but would encourage her sometimes.

She confronted Kain on numerous occasions, which usually ended in draws. Sometimes she had the upper hand and sometimes he did. In one attempt, she worked with fellow Nightmare Syndicate member Roy Glen in order to kill Kain, but he betrayed her, trying to kill them both with a psi-powered teleportation weapon. (She survived, but wasn't in a position to seek revenge on Glen.)

RagMizegRight 3-4

Ragudo Mezegis

In Asura Comes (ep 23) the Lost Ship Ragudo Mezegis was given to Carly to pilot. She took it out and immediately began terrorizing the galaxy, including utilizing its 'Gravitron Laser' to tear an entire planet apart - using this as bait for Kane and the Swordbreaker. The Swordbreaker sped to confront Kali and the terrifying Lost Ship, beginning a furious battle.

The Swordbreaker used surprising techniques to come out ahead and damage Ragudo Mezegis. It responded by absorbing Carly. Its new powers included energy whips which acted like tractor beams, and could also be used in combat. However, it was still defeated by the Swordbreaker.

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