Clawfell (Japanese: クロフェル Romaji: kuroferu) is a character from the Slayers novel The Battle Of Saillune.

He is an old man who is one of Philionel El Di Saillune's closest aides. When Phil goes into hiding from assassins, Clawfell is one of the only two people Phil trusts enough to send a message to, the other being his daughter Amelia. When Clawfell is subsequently arrested on suspicion of being the mastermind behind the assassination attempts, Phil comes out of hiding to demand his release. Clawfell is later taken hostage as part of another assassination attempt against Phil. Amelia doesn't tell her father, out of fear that he would endanger himself to save Clawfell, and asks Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev to rescue him instead.

Clawfell has the ability to cast Lighting, which he uses mainly to read at night. However, when he is being held hostage, he is able to use the spell to temporarily blind the assassin Zuuma, allowing Lina and Gourry to gain the upper hand in the fight and rescue him.

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