Dark Mist (Japanese: 黒霧炎ダーク・ミスト, Kanji translation: Black Fog Flame, Romaji: dāku misuto) is an water shamanistic spell.[1]

The spell fills the area with a dense black fog, blocking vision completely. In the black fog, even magically created light is completely extinguished. Once cast, the spell does not require concentration, and the fog remains for a while even after the spellcaster stops concentrating.

The famous assassin Zuuma is a master of Dark Mist, using it quite often to get close to his opponents or catch them by suprise. He has also used this spell in conjunction with Goomueon; oddly enough, his variation appears to reflect elemental shamanistic spells also, such as Van Rail. The fact that he always used Goomueon together with Dark Mist suggests however that the latter spell may itself possess some magic-suppressing capabilities.


In other languagesEdit

  • Niebla Oscura (Spanish, lit. Dark Mist)


  1. QP/Diana's magic dictionary on the Web Archive

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