Daymia the Blue (Japanese: のデイミア Romaji: ao no deimia; spelled Demia in the English dub) was one of the three canidates for the Sorcerer's Guild's director election. He is voiced by Masato Hirano in the Japanese version and by Jimmy Zoppi in the English version. According to Tarim in the anime, he has a bit of a personality problem.

With the help of his rival, Tarim the Violet, Daymia was able to banish Halcyform the White from the Sorcerer's Guild and from Atlas City. Enraged, Halcyform wanted to get vengence on both Tarim and Daymia, so he turned them against each other, causing both to believe that they were both trying to kill one another. Daymia than hired the sorcerer Karuas as a personal bodyguard and created a chimera from two blow demons for his bodyguard to use.

During the crisis in Atlas City, Daymia and Karuas hired Zelgadiss Graywords and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune as additional bodyguards for him. Little did they know, however, that Tarim had also hired additional protectors who happened to be Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev.

After the low-ranking mazoku Seigram summoned magic beasts from both Tarim and Daymia's mansions, they were both arresteted and thrown in prison. Halcyform than came in and kidnapped them both.

After that point, events changed between the novels and anime. In the novels Halcyform killed Daymia by asking Seigram to use Raugnut Rushavna on him, while in the anime he simply turned Daymia and Tarim into stone. The both of them were shown alive and well after Halcyform died in the anime, though the Slayers forgot to ask Halcyform how to change them back to normal.

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