Dulgofa as it appears on the cover of novel 9.

Dulgofa (Japanese: ドゥ-ルゴーファ Romaji: dūrugōfa), also known as The Cursed Sword of Bezeld, is a mazoku created by Sherra.

Dulgofa takes the form of a sword. It was discovered in the hills north of Bezeld, but was probably planted there by Sherra. When a human makes the mistake of picking Dulgofa up, it fuses with them to become a half-demon. In the case of Galva, it also cast Raugnut Rushavna on him, so that its host body would be indestructible.

Dulgofa first appears in The Cursed Sword of Bezeld, where Lina and Gourry are searching for a new sword to replace Gourry's lost Sword of Light. Hearing rumors of the Cursed Sword of Bezeld, they decide to search for it. However, Galva locates the sword first. When it fuses with him, Lina realizes that the sword is really a disguised mazoku. Lina teams up with Luke to defeat Galva, and in the end Dulgofa separates from Galva and is broken in half, but Sherra mends it. The sword later reappears in the hands of Bell; it is implied that Sherra gave it to her. Dulgofa is destroyed again when Lina slays Bell with Ragna Blade, but appears once more during the final confrontation with the mazoku general.

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