Dynast Breath (Japanese: 覇王氷河烈ダイナスト・ブレス, Kanji translation: Supremacy King Ice River Violent, Romaji: dainasuto buresu) is an offensive black magic[1] spell. It calls upon the power of Dynast Grausherra. It will freeze a target in ice of magical origin, capable of immobilizing even a mazoku. The ice then can be shattered along with the target; the spell's default behavior is to attempt this right away after connecting, but this can be altered by the caster to merely trap the victim instead.[2]


Note: In Slayers NEXT, the spell was cast with a variant incantation using only the second and third lines of the Chaos Words.

Slayers Next - Dynast Breath00:10

Slayers Next - Dynast Breath




daichi no soko ni nemuri aru
kogoe ru tamashii mochi taru haou
ware ni ataen hyouketsu no ikari


You, who sleep in the depth of the earth
Dynast, who has a soul of ice
Give me your freezing wrath
Dynast Breath![3]


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  2. Novel 10, chapter 2
  3. Incantation translations thanks to QP/Diana's website.

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