Return! The Red Priest is Back!
Return! 赤法師ふたたび!
Return! The Red Priest is Back!
Broadcast date
Japan August 4, 1995
Theme songs
OP Get along
Scenario 高山治郎
Jirō Takayama
Storyboard 玉野陽美
Harumi Tamano
Director 玉野陽美
Harumi Tamano
Art 菊池城二
Joji Kikuchi

Return! The Red Priest is Back! (Japanese: Return! あか法師ほうしふたたび!, lit. Return! Aka hōshi futatabi!) is the 18th episode of Slayers. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 4, 1995.

Spoiler warning: Major plot or ending details may follow.

Synopsis Edit

To enter Sairaag, Lina, Gourry and Amelia sneak in the city during the night, so they won't get caught. They hide in an alley, but after a mishap with Gourry saying the wrong thing about Lina, they make such a racket that a girl named Sylphiel is able to find them. Sylphiel claims to know Gourry and brings them to her house home. Gourry faintly remembers her because of her cooking.

Her father, Elc, explains that a month ago, a young woman named Eris had told them that an evil sorceress named Lina Inverse had Gourry under mind control and is planning on destroying the world. Elc, until hearing about the mind control didn't want to believe the worst about Gourry, but Eris turned out to have great references. The plot thickens as Lina finds that she used to work for Rezo, the Red Priest.

They decide to see this girl named Eris who is staying at a mansion in town. When they enter (through a hole they made in the wall), they enter a laboratory that Lina claims to be used for the study of chimeras. When they get upstairs they see a potrait of Rezo. At this point Eris (along with Vrumugun and Zangulus) welcome the intruders, telling them that this is one of many of Rezo's mansions.

Vrumugun fights Lina while Zangulus spars with Gourry. Thinking she would go up against Eris, Amelia is startled when Eris sends a disgusting chimera to fight her. Amelia is too scared to move, much less fight the chimera, so their fight is a standstill at first. Lina beats Vrumugun with her sword and slices and dices him. However, after Gourry defeats Zangulus (not killing him) and Amelia uses Blam Blazer against her opponent, the chimera, another Vrumugun shows up. Lina uses him as a shield against a spell that turns him into ice. But then another Vrumugun shows up next to his icy counterpart. And then another one beside the new Vrumugun. More start to appear, and Lina reveals that they all must be copies.

At that moment, Zelgadiss breaks in, and starts to kill off all of the copies. He then tells them that Eris is controlling them. Eris then welcomes the traitor. She then tells them that Zelgadis used to work for Rezo.

At that moment, Rezo comes out of the shadows...

Major events Edit

Debuts Edit

Characters Edit

Spells Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The first appearence of Eris, Elc, Sylphiel, and Copy Rezo.
  • Zelgadiss returns after being absent since episode 10.
  • This marks Vrumugun's final appearence. Strangely, after Zelgadiss destroys the copies, Vrumugun never appears again in this season. At the end of NEXT, however, there is a person in the audience who looks very similar to Vrumugun. It is thought that he may be the original.

Voice Cast Edit

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