YES! A Final Hope, the Bless Blade
YES! 最後の希望祝福の剣
Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!
Broadcast date
Japan September 22, 1995
Theme songs
OP Get along
Scenario 高山治郎
Jirō Takayama
Storyboard 横田和
Osamu Yokota
Director 横田和
Osamu Yokota
Art 加藤洋人
Hiroto Katō

YES! A Final Hope, the Bless Blade (Japanese: YES! 最後さいご希望きぼう祝福の剣ブレス・ブレード, lit. YES! Saigo no kibō Buresu Burēdo) is the 25th episode of Slayers. It was first broadcast in Japan on September 22, 1995.

Spoiler warning: Major plot or ending details may follow.

Synopsis Edit

The smart and slightly irritable heroine has fallen.

To get her and Sylphiel out of harm's way, Zelgadiss wraps them in a protective shield which flies them to a safer location while they battle it out with Copy Rezo. In the midst of battle, Copy Rezo admits that after killing Lina Inverse and surpassing Rezo, he doesn't care what happens next.

Meanwhile, Sylphiel is trying desperately to save Lina when her heart stops beating. Using our modern CPR, she gets Lina's heart beating long enough to cast a Resurrection spell on Lina.

On the battlefront, Gourry is determined to end this battle right here, when our prince comes on a horse, to save the day... or not. Stupidly, Prince Phil uses his Pacifist Crush and is thankfully saved by Gourry.

Thus, the family reunion takes place as Amelia and Prince Phil greet each other, weirding out the male protagonists.

Having finished the healing spell and taking a small rest, Sylphiel carries Lina to a lake which holds the Blessed Blade. When Lina awakens, Sylphiel explains her theory about how the Blessed blade and Flagoon may be able to help defeat Copy Rezo/Zanaffar.

Will the last hope, the blessed blade, all be for nothing?

Major events Edit

Debuts Edit

Characters Edit

Spells Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Phil hasn't been seen since episode 13.
  • The word "pretty" is misspelled in "Pritty Lina's Magic Lecture". Then again, due to Gourry's stupidity, it's not hard to understand why.
  • A running gag in this episode is that the characters (even Copy Rezo) keep telling Amelia that it's not polite to point (which she constantly does while making her justice speeches throughout this episode).

Errors Edit

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