Elc as he appears in Slayers NEXT.

Elc (Japanese: エルク lit. eruku and known as Eruk in the dub) is High Priest of the Ceipheed shrine of Sairaag and father to Sylphiel Nels Lahda. His Japanese voice actor is 名取幸政 Yukimasa Natori, and he was voiced by Adam Sholder in the first anime and by Chris Tsakis in Slayers NEXT in the English dub.

Elc seemingly raised Sylphiel on his own, as there is no mention of a wife and what may have happened to her. He is thought to be a loving father, considering how close the two were. Elc first appears in episode 18 of Slayers alongside his daughter. The two previously had met Gourry, to whom Elc was grateful for completing an unspecified task.

In the anime, Elc aids Eris in the distribution of the wanted posters of Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadiss, though he thought the allegations sounded fishy, and he did not want to criminalize Gourry. It was the presence of Copy Rezo, posing as the real Rezo, that eventually persuaded him to go along with Eris' plan. He is then subsequently killed when Copy Rezo destroys half of Sairaag with an "improved" Mega Brand.

In the novels, Elc welcomes Copy Rezo with open arms and goes ahead with administering the bounty. Soon after, Elc falls ill, becoming very thin and bedridden. Sylphiel suspects Copy Rezo of drugging her father, but the people of Sairaag are so smitten with Copy Rezo that they do not believe her. Elc is killed by an unnamed and incredibly powerful spell which Copy Rezo uses to destroy Sairaag.

He is temporarily resurrected, along with the rest of Sairaag, by Hellmaster Fibrizo in Slayers Next.


Oddly enough, his name is never mentioned in any of the Slayers media, but it was in both the credits of the episodes were he appeared, and in one of the guidebooks called Hisshou! Slayers.

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