Elmekia Lance (Japanese: 烈閃槍エルメキア・ランス, Kanji translation: Violent Flash Lance, Romaji: erumekia ransu) is a popular offensive spell. It belongs to astral shamanistic magic[1]. Its connection to the Elmekian Empire is unknown.

The weakest of the spells which solely affect astral targets, the lance of light created by this spell can knock an opponent out on a direct hit, but does not deliver serious astral damage, although the target's mental strength (and so his ability to concentrate on spells) might be weakened for a while. Elmekia Lance is significantly more lethal against mazoku, especially against low-ranking ones or lesser demons.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune developed a variant of this spell, (perhaps taking her cue from Lina Inverse's Fireball version) which explodes into countless tiny sparks upon the word "break". This reduces the spell's damage, but also makes it next to impossible to dodge.

Slayers Next - Elmekia Lance00:08

Slayers Next - Elmekia Lance


In other languagesEdit

  • Flash Lance (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Lanza de Elmekia (Spanish, lit. Elmekia Lance)
  • Lanza de Rayos Eléctricos (Spanish, lit. Electric Rays Lance)
  • Magia contra Fantasmas (Spanish, lit. Magic against Ghosts)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 221

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