The Elmekian Empire (Japanese: エルメキア帝国 Romaji: erumekia teikoku) is a country located in the eastern area of the mazoku barrier. It is bordered by Zephilia to the north, the Desert of Destruction to the east and south, and Saillune to the west.

Elmekia is a desertous area where it rarely rains. Because of this, people are able to live in mud-brick houses. [1]

Elmekia is the homeland of Gourry Gabriev. Among the regions of the peninsula, the Elmekian Empire is the only one that the main cast does not visit at all; Zephilia is not explored either, however, at the end of the fifteenth novel, Lina and Gourry choose Zephilia as their next destination.

The spells Elmekia Lance and Elmekia Flame have names that reference Elmekia, but their connection to the empire is unknown.

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