Evia (Japanese: エヴィア Romaji: evia) is a Low-ranking mazoku. Though it's never really said that he worked for Chaos Dragon Garv, it can be implied that he did as he wanted to kill Lina Inverse, who was Garv's prime target. He only appears in the anime. Though his original voice actor is unknown, it is known that he was voiced by David Moo in the English version.

When Lina and her friends were investigating the kingdom of Femille, Evia showed up and attacked them. Though he was thought to be killed after being hit into a fountain by Lina's Elmekia Lance, he actually re-appeared later in Femille's purification spring, where he revealed that his true form was water. Evia than took hold of Miwan and Zelgadiss Graywords (who was diguised as a girl at the time) as hostages and proceeded to pick off at Lina and the others with ice and water attacks. Zelgadiss eventually broke out of Evia's grasp and freed Miwan as well as revealing his true appearence. After seeing Gourry Gabriev shed his disguise as well, Evia then thought that Lina was a man too. Needless to say, she became infuriated at the mazoku and wanted to kill him. However, Zelgadiss insisted to have the final blow, and he killed Evia with a full-powered Ra Tilt.


Evia's name is an obvious play on Evian, a French bottler of mineral water.

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