Ferrous Bleed (フェリアス・ブリード feriasu burīdo?, also translated as "Ferious Breed" (CPM) or "Furious Breed") is a summoning spell. Most sources categorize it into black magic (although these very sources describe the spell's original function incorrectly), while others categorize it as an astral shamanistic spell

As explained by Lina Inverse in the fourth novel, this spell summons a gargoyle. However, when she was trapped by a mazoku in subspace, Lina altered the incantation a little on-the-fly to make the spell summon a dove instead. This fact had led many fans, especially those who watched only the anime version of the scene, to believe that Ferrous Bleed is used to call animals to the caster's location.

In episode 2 of Slayers REVOLUTION, Lina casts Ferrous Bleed to summon a flock of angry birds to attack Pokota.





ten wo kakeru yamiyo no hoshiboshi yo
daichi wo tabaneru inishie no keiyaku yo
waga mei ni shitagai te
kano mono wo yobiyose tama e


"Stars which pass through heaven's night skies
Heed the ancient covenant with the Earth
I pledge my life so that he may be called forth!


In other languagesEdit

  • Vuelo de Paloma (Spanish, lit. Dove's flight)

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