Fireball blowup

A Fireball detonates in the middle of a bandit gang

Fireball (火炎球(ファイアー・ボール) faiā bōru?, kanji: lit. "Fire Flame Ball") is the most popular offensive spell. It belongs to fire shamanistic magic[1].

A ball of fire appears between the hands of the caster which can be thrown. The ball explodes upon contact, spreading flames. Caution is necessary when using this spell indoors or in forests because it affects a wide area. Being able to cast this spell is one of the criteria for a full-fledged mage.

Lina Inverse is undoubtedly an expert of this spell. She developed several variations, such as a one-handed (or even a "one-fingered") version, a variant that bursts into countless tiny sparks upon the word "break", making it next to impossible to dodge, or a variant that enables the caster to shoot multiple smaller fireballs at once. She can also manipulate the spell so that the ball of flame blows up sooner or later than expected.

As evidenced by comedy scenes, Fireball can be tuned back to an extent to cause only superficial damage. Lina Inverse is well known for blasting people that annoy her with low-level Fireballs as a (relatively) harmless method of punishment. (Article taken from Slayers Universe.)





subete no chikara no minamoto yo
kagayaki moeru akaki honoo yo
waga te ni tsudoite chikara to nare


Oh, source of all power,
light which burns beyond crimson,
let thy power gather in my hand.



In other languagesEdit

  • Bola de Fuego (Spanish, lit. Fireball)
  • Rayo Eléctrico (Spanish, lit. Electric Ray)
  • Palla di Fuoco (Italian, lit. Fireball)
  • Feuerball (German, lit. Fireball)
  • Ogniokula, Kula Ognia (Polish, lit. Fireball)
  • ФайерБолл (Russian, lit. Fireball via cyrillic alphabet)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 229

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