Flare arrow (Japanese: 炎の矢フレア・アロー, Kanji translation: Flame Arrow, Romaji: furea arō) is one of the simplest fire shamanistic spells[1].

Two versions of the spell exist: The first one enables the caster to shoot an arrow of flame from a bow made of similar fire energy. The second one causes several arrows to appear in the air in front of the caster, and advance toward their target(s) immediately. In this case, the number of arrows depend on the skill of the caster and the amount of magic power put into the spell. (See bucket capacity.)

Although the spell is indeed simple, a Flare Arrow can still cause serious damage to a human on a direct hit. However, like many low-level fire spells, the caster can 'pull punches' with it, only putting enough energy into it to singe their target without any real damage.

Slayers Next - Flare Arrow00:07

Slayers Next - Flare Arrow





subete no chikara no minamoto yo
kagayaki moeru akaki honoo yo


In other languagesEdit

  • Flecha de Fuego (Spanish, lit. Fire Arrow)
  • Flecha Centella (Spanish, lit. Spark Arrow)
  • Bola de Fuego (Spanish, lit. Fireball)
  • Freccia di Luce (Italian, lit. Light Arrow)
  • Feuerpfeil (German. lit. Fire Arrow)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 231

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