Flow Break (崩魔陣(フロウ・ブレイク) furou bureiku?, kanji: lit. "Crumble Demon Ranks") is a defensive white magic[1] spell.

The spell negates the effects of all spells within the area, except for white magic, as all other spells take their strength from the energy created by altering the natural flow of energy; this spell negates them by returning the flow of energy to normal. It can be also used to break magic barriers.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)





hikari to chi to kaze no chikara yo
ma no jumon wo ima koso haran

English Edit

Oh power of light and earth and wind
Break now the spell that has been cast upon this man



Naga the Serpent used this spell during the Slayers Special OVAs to dispel the magic that was animating several suits of armor to attack her. She stated immediately following the spell that it had also dispelled the enchantment on her opponent's armor, meaning that it's possible that this spell can render lesser magical items into mundane ones, though it's never made clear if this effect is permanent or not.

In other languagesEdit

  • Estrella de Poder (Spanish, lit. Power Star)
  • Ruptura de Corriente (Spanish, lit. Flow Break)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 231

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