Freeze Arrow (氷の矢(フリーズ・アロー) furīzu arō?, kanji: lit. "Ice Arrow") is the water shamanistic magic[1] counterpart of the well-known Flare Arrow and is one of the most basic offensive spells.

Like Flare Arrow, it can be cast in two different ways: the first one enables the caster to shoot an arrow of ice from a bow made of similar blue energy, and the second one causes several arrows to appear in the air in front of the caster and advance toward their target(s) immediately. In this case, the number of arrows depends on the skill of the caster and the amount of magic power put into the spell. (See bucket capacity.)

This spell is somewhat less lethal than the fire version, although a direct hit may encase the target in ice completely. However, this spell is also less dangerous to use, as the danger of putting the caster's surroundings on fire does not exist.



優しきながれ たゆたう水よ


sora to daichi wo watarishi mono yo
yasashiki nagare tayutou mizu yo
waga te ni tsudoite chikara to nare



In other languagesEdit

  • Flecha de Hielo (Spanish, lit. Ice Arrow)
  • Freccia di Ghiaccio (Italian, lit. Ice Arrow)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 230

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