Galva falls victim to Dulgofa

Galva is the leader of the men in black who appear in The Cursed Sword of Bezeld.

He first encounters Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev when he and his henchman Zain are attempting to extort information about the legendary Cursed Sword of Bezeld from Sherra. Galva becomes annoyed at Zain when Zain inadvertently reveals his name to them and nearly gives away Galva's name as well. Galva and Zain retreat when Luke and Milina arrive.

Galva later succeeds in finding the sword, only to discover that it is actually a disguised mazoku, Dulgofa. Dulgofa casts Raugnut Rushavna on him and fuses with his body to become a monstrous half-demon, which Lina terms a "hyper-demon".

The hyper-demon proceeds to attack Bezeld, using snake-like tentacles to drain the life from people. While Lina and Luke initially experience difficulty fighting the hyper-demon because it regenerates instantly from any wound, they manage to slay it by striking simultaneously with Ragna Blade and Ruby Eye Blade.

Sherra subsequently recovers the remains of Dulgofa from the hyper-demon and repairs it.

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