Galveira concept art.

Galveira (Japanese: 颶風弓 Romaji: garuveira), the most powerful of Dark Star's weapons, and known unofficially by fans as the Bow of Light, was the one that everyone was searching for during Slayers TRY. The ancient dragons had acquired it and they hid it from the golden dragons. It is like a bow-and-arrow, with the light energy being the arrow. One arrow fired from Galveira has almost the same amount of energy as a Dragon Slave. Xelloss stole the weapon when it was first uncovered and went to go seal Dark Star from entering their world. It took him a while before he got used to firing such a weapon. In the final battle with Dark Star, Lina used this weapon instead.

It is easily capable of shooting through dimensions, and working from the principle of utilizing mental energy/will, it has an unlimited amount of arrows.

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