Garv Flare (Japanese: 魔竜烈火咆ガーヴ・フレア, Kanji translation: Demon Dragon Violent Fire Roar, Romaji: gāvu furea, also known as Demon Dragon Inferno Howl) is an offensive black magic[1] spell which calls upon the power of Chaos Dragon Garv. Since the death of the Chaos Dragon, this spell is no longer castable.

The caster releases a beam of red flame, which has a limited homing ability. While it is a single target spell, Garv Flare is powerful enough to pierce through most opponents and damage anyone who might be standing behind it.





guren no honoo ni nemuru ankoku no ryuu yo
sono houkou wo mote waga teki wo yakitsukuse

English Edit

Dragon of Darkness which sleeps in the inferno
Let your roar burn my enemies to ash



In other languagesEdit

  • Darm Flare (In English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Guard Flair (In English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Llama de Garv (Spanish, lit. Garv's Flare)
  • Bola de Fuego (Spanish, lit. Fireball)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 222

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