Gduza in the anime

Gduza (Japanese: グドゥザ Romaji: guduza) is a character from the Slayers novel Vezendi's Shadow and the anime Slayers EVOLUTION-R, a low-ranking mazoku in the service of Chaos Dragon Garv. It has the appearance of a hunchbacked old woman without eyes or ears. His Japanese voice actor is 三石琴乃 Kotono Mitsuishi.

In the novels, Gduza and Dugld attack Lina Inverse and her friends in Vezendi under the direction of Seigram, who has by that time merged with Zuuma. Gduza fights primarily using its prehensile hair; however, it also demonstrates several other techniques, such as transporting its hands through its shadow. The mazoku fights Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune twice. During the first fight it holds the upper hand, breaking Amelia's arm with its hair and dodging her Ra Tilt, but it is forced to retreat when Lina uses Flow Break to dispel the subspace they are fighting in. Their second battle is more contested, as Amelia uses her spell Visfarank for the first time to considerable effect. Gduza is able to once more gain the upper hand by breaking Amelia's knee. However, just as it prepares to strangle Amelia with its hair, it is unexpectedly attacked from behind by Dugld. Its fellow mazoku kills it and absorbs its miasma for its own use in its fight against Zelgadiss Graywords. It is for nothing, however, as Zelgadiss destroys Dugld almost immediately afterwards using a sword enchanted with Astral Vine.

In the anime timeline, Gduza serves Zuuma directly, as both Seigram and Garv have been destroyed by the time of its appearance. In his final fight, Zuuma absorbs both Gduza and Dugld to into his arms to increase his own power. After consuming them, he gains the ability to launch attacks similar to Dugld's pebbles and Gduza's hair from his arms.

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