Gilfa (Japanese: ギルファ Romaji: girufa) is a character from the Slayers novel The Silver Beast.

Gilfa is a member of the Cult of Shabranigdu. He is a chimera combined with Vedur, existing as a brain attached to the hump on Vedur's back. His original species is unknown, as his only remaining features are his brain and mouth. Gilfa is a Shadow Master, specializing in magic that manipulates shadows. He is able to convert Vedur's shadow into various weapons like swords, spears, and nets; they can be used for both physical strikes and Shadow Snap effects. His shadows cannot be banished by a simple Lighting spell; it requires more powerful magic like Flow Break to dispel them.

Zelgadiss Graywords kills Vedur during his attack on the cult's headquarters. Gilfa survives the death of his partner and is able to take control of Vedur's body. However, Zelgadiss realizes Gilfa's true nature and kills him shortly afterwards.

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