Gioconda (Japanese: ジョコンダ Romaji: jokonda) was a very influential marquess of the Kingdom of Ruvinagald, who appeared solely in Slayers REVOLUTION and its manga adaptation. She is voiced by 高島雅羅Gara Takashima in Japanese and by Fiona Jones in English.

She could be described as a fairly corrupt and quite ambitious noble. During the earlier years of her reign, when Taforashia was struck by the Durum sickness, several countries (including the Kingdom of Saillune) gathered relief aid. Gioconda stole this aid for her own purposes. Moreover, the marquess had four husbands, all of whom she murdered while fighting them in an underground coliseum she constructed under her castle for her own entertainment.

At some point before Slayers REVOLUTION begins, Gioconda began experimenting with Zanaffar armor technology from Taforashia. For this purpose, she recruited the help of the beastman Duclis, who wanted to use the armor's power to get revenge on the world for not helping Taforashia. The first experiments with the armor were on animals; this however, resulted in the incomplete magic tanks, which Gioconda then decided to sell as weapons to raise money. Later, she put copies of the armor on herself and on Duclis, with his consent.

Eventually, however, the beastman learned that she stole Taforashia's relief aid, and released the Zanaffar inside her armor, effectively killing her. This Zanaffar was destroyed by Lina Inverse.

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