A golem (Japanese: 石人形ゴーレム Kanji translation: Stone Puppet, Romaji: gōremu) is a construct, usually humanoid in appearance, created through magical means to serve. It is usually composed of metal or stone.

The method of creation could be as simple as casting a spell like Vu Vraimer, or as complex as performing a sophisticated and time-consuming ritual which requires great amounts of money.

Most golems have very limited intelligence: Some must be controlled with mechanical switches or levers while others respond to verbal commands but are still unable to carry out tasks with even the slightest complexity.

One of Naga the Serpent's specialities is the creation of golems. She even invented the Mega Vu Vraimer spell, which is able to make golems with greater intelligence; these golems are not always obedient, however.

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