Goomueon (Japanese: 虚霊障界グームエオン, Kanji translation: Void Spirit Hinder World, Romaji: gūmueon, also known as Dam Eon in the TOKYOPOP translation; can also be found as ヴーム・エオン vūmu eon, probably a typo[1]) is a defensive spell belonging to astral shamanistic magic[2].

The spell allows the caster to create a circular shield around him, which blocks out astral energies, similarly to the ability of the chimera Zanaffar. This spell also has the same weakness: While it keeps the caster safe from most magical attacks, physical attacks or elemental (fire, earth, air and water) shamanistic spells remain unaffected.

Zuuma the assassin often uses Goomueon to neutralize magical attacks; oddly enough, his variation appears to reflect elemental shamanistic spells also, such as Van Rail. It is noted that he always combines this spell with Dark Mist, which may itself possess minor magic-suppressing properties, although this is only speculation.


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