Gravos Maunttop (Japanese: グラボス=マウントトップ Romaji: gurabosu mauntotoppu) is a beastman, a servant of Valgarv. He is voiced by 江川央生Hisao Egawa in the original Japanese and by Nathan Price in the English dub. His first appearance in the series is in episode 2 of Slayers TRY.

Shortly after Valgarv met Chaos Dragon Garv, he saved Gravos from death and took him as his servant after his own people almost killed him, causing him to lose his right eye. At the start of TRY, Gravos was ordered by his master to capture Gorun Nova and bring it back to him. Despite all that Gravos and Jillas Jillos Jilles tried, they were always unsuccessful in trying to get the Sword of Light. During a struggle to get the holy magic and the black magic vessels from Princess Sera and Prince Marco, Gravos was knocked away into the distance after lossing control of Ragudo Mezegis and was presumed dead. However, in reality he was only literally launched into orbit by Lina Inverse's Dragon Slave. He was shown alive and well in the epilogue of TRY, once again partnered with Jillas and helping Filia Ul Copt run a store that sold maces and pottery.

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