Gyria City (Japanese: ガイリア・シティ Romaji: gairia shiti; also romanized as Gairia or Galia) is the capital of the Kingdom of Dils.

The government and military of Gyria are thoroughly infiltrated by mazoku. The leader of the military is Rashatt, the general of Chaos Dragon Garv. When Rashatt is destroyed, he is replaced by Sherra, the general of Dynast Grausherra. Dynast himself takes control of the city and the kingdom under the guise of King Wells Xeno Gyria.

During one of Lina Inverse's visits to the city, large portions of it were burned down by Xelloss on Hellmaster Fibrizo's orders in the seventh novel. Without realizing, Lina also meets the mazoku lord himself there in his usual disguise of a young boy.

The events of the novels Gaav's Challenge, The Stratagem of the Army of Dynast, and Road to the Demon's Reincarnation take place partly or wholly in Gyria City.