Higaeri Quest 1

Cover of vol. 1 of the manga series

Higaeri Quest (trans: "One Day Quest") is a series of novels and manga created by Hajime Kanzaka. The series is about a young Japanese school girl named Eri, who is one day summoned to another world by a magician named Rex. Rex had merely wanted to study humans from other worlds; however Eri gives him her watch and tells him that if he doesn't summon her when it says "SUN AM 10:00," the watch will explode. The novels and manga chronicle Eri's Sunday adventures in that world with Rex, and the other world's prince, Krueger.[1]

The franchise has not been adapted into an anime, nor have any of the mediums been officially translated into English.

Media ListEdit


There are four Higaeri Quest novels, written by Hajime Kanzaka, illustrated by Masahisa Suzuki and published by Kadokawa Publishing.[2]


The Higaeri Quest manga consists of seven volumes based on the novels, plus two Higaeri Quest Special manga volumes with original storylines. The series was published from 1995 to 1998 by Asuka Comics, with illustrations by Yutaka Nanten. The manga is currently out of print. [3]


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