Ikue Ōtani, born August 18, 1965 in Tokyo, is a seiyū who works for Mausu Promotion. Her name is also romanized as Ikue Ohtani in the credits of some works that she has contributed to, which includes her most famous role: the voice of Pikachu in the Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) animated TV series. Ōtani took pregnancy leave from her work from January to May 2006, but her voice credit for Pikachu did not change, as her voice has been recorded many times.

Among her anime roles include Koyru (InuYasha), Gash Bell (Konjiki no Gash Bell!), Kira (Slayers NEXT), Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (Case Closed), and Sailor Tin Nyanko (Sailor Moon).

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