Kaette Kita Slayers EX (Japanese: 帰ってきたスレイヤーズEX) is the radio drama included with the new Japanese DVD box sets of the anime series, released on 2006. The three episodes are based on completely new stories and feature the original voice actors.

Amelia and the BugsEdit

In this episode, Lina, Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadiss, and Sylphiel try to run away from the royal guards of Saillune through the sewer. There, they meet some thousands bugs that can't find the exit and decide to help them. Following the brilliant idea of Lina and Zel, the group is able to get out along with the bugs and their eggs.

A Make Over Plan for ZelgadissEdit

Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadiss go to an underground dungeon in order to look for an ancient manuscript that could have a cure for Zel's condition, but they find nothing. Then Xelloss shows up and says he was looking for the same manuscript with no luck. Zel gets very upset and starts talking to a wall, so his friends decide to look for a cure elsewhere. After two failed plans, Lina suggests making a copy of Zelgadiss. Finally, Zel points out what Lina wanted him to notice: even if that worked out, there'd be no way to transfer his heart, mind, and soul to the copy. Lina tells Zel that it's not his appearance what makes him Zelgadiss, but his heart, mind, and soul, which seems to cheer him up and forget about the cure.

Gourry's First Shopping ExperienceEdit

Filia arrives suddenly when Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadiss were yelling curses in front of the sea. Filia says she needs a favor, but first she introduces little five-year-old Val to her friends. She asks Lina to pretend to be someone else, for the name of Lina Inverse terrifies Val, and Filia always uses Lina's name to threaten him when he does something bad. She wants Val to learn about human society, so she asks Gourry to go buy some ingredients and take Val with him. The rest of them decide to follow Gourry and Val, but they lose sight of them in the town. When they find Gourry and Val, Filia tells the kid it's time for dinner, but Val wants to keep playing, so Filia uses her usual "Lina Inverse threat." This time, however, Val doesn't believe her and says Lina won't come to punish him. Then Filia mentions Lina's true name by mistake and Val starts crying and he then turns into a dragon. Val shoots a couple of attacks and burns Lina's croquettes, which makes Lina mad, so she uses a low-level Dragon Slave and Val finally calms down.

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