The Duchy of Kalmaart (Japanese: カルマート公国 Romaji: karumāto koukoku) is a country located in the northern area of the mazoku barrier. It borders the Kataart Mountains to the north, Zephilia to the east, Saillune to the south, and Dils and Ralteague to the west.

Significant cites and villages in Kalmaart include the capital Kalmaart City, Vezendi, Mane, Bezeld, and Solaria.

The events of the novels The Silver Beast, Vezendi's Shadow, The Cursed Sword Of Bezeld, and Solaria's Strategy take place in Kalmaart.


  • The ancient Kingdom of Letidius, destroyed aproximately in 500 AK(?), was located mostly in what's now the Duchy of Kalmaart.

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